2013 Charlotte Parade of Homes this weekend

Dated: 04/18/2013

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The 2013 Annual Charlotte Parade of Homes sponsored by the Home Builders Association is a great opportunity for association members to showcase their most recent work.  It’s a fun-filled event for anyone looking for a home, has a general interest in real estate, or is simply in search of remodeling or decorating ideasand the best part, admission is FREE!!!

If you are one of the many consumers seriously interested in buying or building a home, please keep in mind that buying or building a new home is still a real estate transaction—and you should always have a buyer’s agent representative assisting you in the process.  Working directly with the builder or the agent that represents the builder, could easily put you in a dual agent situation or leave you with no representation at all.  

At RE/MAX, we understand that consumers, more than ever before, feel the need to be educated before they buy—especially when it comes to larger purchases such as real estate.  So below I have provided some information on the benefits of ‘Exclusive Buyer Representation’. Hopefully, this will help answer some of the questions/concerns you may have before venturing out this weekend.

Benefits of ‘Exclusive Buyer Representation’

·       Buyer’s Agents only represent and promote the best interests of the buyer

·       Buyer’s Agents understand the real estate terminology and provide the buyer with all material facts that could influence one’s decisions

·       Buyer’s Agents use reasonable skill, care and diligence throughout the entire construction, purchase and closing process.

·       Buyer’s Agents represent the buyer at builder meetings, making notes and keeping record of conversations regarding price, project dates, features, etc.

·       Buyer’s Agents negotiate all aspects of the contract and account for all monies they handle for you


If you would like for me to help you get the most out of your Parade of Homes tour or for more information please send an email to;

mailto:julielowe@remax.net?subject=Parade of Homes 2013 Inquiry

Or contact me directly via text or phone;



The 2013 Charlotte Parade of Homes event began April 12th and will run every Friday through Sunday, through April 28th. Hours are Friday-Saturday 11am-6pm and Sunday 1pm-6pm.  For more information click on the link below;


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